Special event on the 1st of March: 'Little Buddha" brings Tibet to Competa.

As specialists in Tibetan articles "Little Buddha" brings beautiful Tibet to you by offering religious and decorative items for your home. All of 'Little Buddha's' products are bought Fairtrade directly from the local people in Tibet and Nepal by Dutch couple: Jeannette & Fred Madern. 'Little Buddha' also supports local projects. 

On Thursday the 1st of March you can visit Galeria Luz de la Vida and purchase from their collection, which consists of: Tibetan religious articles, Tibetan incenses and burners, Tibetan statues, mala, prayer flags, portable shrines, jewellery, scarfs, shawls and ponchos.

Enjoy the beauty and the mysteries of Tibet. For inspiration you can visit the website:
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On the 1st of March any Artwork sold, the Gallery will donate 10% of the purchase price to a Tibetan project. From 2 pm on we'll also have 'tapas' for you, all profits will go to a Tibetan project. Polish musician Lukasz Wieczorek will play his spiritual music, 'Journey through the heart" from 5 pm. 

Feel very welcome to visit and enjoy the richness and culture of Tibet. See you Thursday the 1st of March? Open 1/3/2018: 14:00 - 22:00pm 

Art Exhibition during the month February till half of March:

Kim Wayenberg will be showing her beautiful Mandalas. She is a Dutch artist who lives in Frigiliana and will soon move to Cadiz. 

Kim creates spiritual paintings. She developed her own style in Mandalas, mixing acrylics with mediums. By practising Mala-meditations she translates energies into her Mandalas. She also works on commission base, she 'tunes in' to the energy of the room or the person, inspired by this input she creates a very personal 'mandela-painting'. 

Dutch artist Linda Roffel has been fascinated by colour and shape as a means of expression for a long time. She uses that fascination to create sensual portraits of the backs of women. Using Acrylic paint and only a palette knife – she usually works with four pigments at a time: grey, white, brown, yellow and sometimes red. With these deceptively simple ingredients she creates structure, depth and transparency in her images. Three of her works will be shown in the gallery.

Italian artist Daniele Vignati was born in Milano in Italy. Daniele creates abstract, colourful and bright images. "The artist gives shape to images which come from a reality unknown. The artist has the ability to make the invisible,  visible." Daniele exhibits her art in Italy and various other European countries. It is the first time she is exhibiting her paintings in Galeria Luz de la Vida.

The art of Lieuwke Loth is on permanent show, as well as other paintings from various International Artists. 

Feel welcome to come around and enjoy the many Artworks in the gallery! 
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