This month I interviewed Trina who owns Tin Tin, a hair and beauty salón in Competa. Tin Tin has been in business for a huge 23 years and around 10 years ago I interviewed Trina for the first time, now we come together again 10 years later to see what has changed!

Trina is originally from the Feroe Islands and holidayed every summer in Competa with her parents who bought a home in the village in 1984. In 1992, after Trina had finished 5years at Hairdressing College, she decided to come to Competa to learn Spanish to add to her languages she is fluent in such as English, Danish and of course the language of the Feroe Islands. She first stayed in her parents place in the Competa countryside and travelled to a language school every day in Nerja. Later she moved into the village and rented a place to interact more with the Spanish. Trina never really had a long term plan just went with what felt right and so while she continued to learn Spanish she started mobile hairdressing to gain an income. However, she explained how different things were in those days, no mobile phones or GPS and so finding clients in the countryside proved extremely difficult!

In 1994 Trina opened her first Salon opposite Marco Polo just off the main plaza of Competa. She started initially on her own and then Gema joined her mainly to help out with the beauty side of things. Gema and Trina became brilliant friends and Gema remained working with Trina throughout a salon move to behind Café Competa, both of then getting married and two children each later! However, 3 years ago Gema made a move to the coast and Trina was left looking for help in the Salon.  So Isa, who has 25 years of Hairdressing and Beauty Training, joined Trina two years ago. Isa is a local Spanish lady who worked in Malaga as a hairdresser and Beautician until she left to have a family. Once her family were grown up she wanted to get back to work and Trina offered the perfect solution.

More recent changes occurred this year in July when Ellie Fulleylove joined the team. Ellie is English, fluent in Spanish and trained in beauty currently with a focus on Nails.  Ellie has taken over from Isa the Manicures, Pedicures, Shellac and Acrylic nails and soon she will be offering Eye Lash Extensions. Asides from the eye lash course Ellie is doing which will be available in December onwards she will also be doing more beauty therapy training in the up and coming months to be able to provide the same and even more treatments alongside Isa. Isa at the moment remains providing waxing, tinting, facials and eyelash perms. Ellie has had loads of experience, she has worked in salons, a nail bar in Eroski and the Albidini. She has had a few other different jobs in-between but she is at her happiest in a Salon and she is delighted to join Trina. Ellie commented on how nice the Tin Tin Salon feels. She explained it is warm, friendly and sociable and clients vary in age, nationality and personality. It's busy, vibrant and every day is different. It's a popular place for people to book their hair and beauty treatments before weddings, communions and birthdays. Trina and Isa regularly go on courses to learn more about latest techniques, products and styling so are always up to date in the business.

Tin Tin has just gone from strength to strength over the last 23 years and many clients have been with her over all those years.  Why not pop by the salon and book your Christmas treatments and meet the team.

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