Sail and Stay based in La Herradura offering sailing trips departing every day from Marina Del Este has been running for nearly 10 years under the ownership of Stephen.

I interviewed Stephen a few years back and went on one of their cruises. Stephen was lovely and the cruise was absolutely fantastic. The whole family had an incredible day out. We went on a lunch cruise that started with fizz and nibbles then we went sailing for a couple of hours, anchored up, had lunch and drinks, snorkeled in clear waters, swam, had a dingy ride, used the padel surf, sunbathed on the catamaran deck in the beautiful sunshine. It really was a lovely day that I could thoroughly recommend to others.

This year I Interviewed Mike from Sail and Stay and he informs me he is the new owner. So the obvious first question is what has changed? His answer was …… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Mike believed Stephen created an almost perfect product that stands head and shoulders above the cruises sailing from this coastline. Mike explained you still sail with us on our luxury catamaran, "Optimist of London II", a Lagoon 380. We still operate all-inclusive 3, 4 or 6 hour cruises with a delicious meal, all drinks and water sports included. We can still accommodate individuals, small groups or large parties. You can still relax & enjoy your day at sea with their fully qualified skippers and professional crew to look after you and you can still book online at 
The only thing that has changed is the owner and even then Mike has been part of the business with Stephen for the last 7 years!
Mike first met Stephen when he went out on one of the Sail and Stay cruises for his birthday. They talked for most of the cruise and Stephen said he hadn’t had a day off for the last 6 months and how tired he was. Mike explained he had been in the travel business since the 1980s working for First Choice holidays and then moving to Spain where he owned and ran Ranch Ferrer which had 15 horses and numerous mountain bikes. With recession hitting the Ranch and his kids leaving for university, who had previously helped out in the family business, things had changed for him, so he was looking for a new challenge. Mike also told Stephen that he had been sailing for 30 years and had his own yacht in the UK. It wasn’t long into the cruise that he offered his services to help out on the boat, if Stephen needed a break!
The pair kept in touch and the following summer Stephen asked Mike to work for him one day a week so he could have a day off, the following year Mike worked 2 days a week and then the third year they split the work, working one day on and one day off. Mike certainly knows the ropes and so when Stephen himself wanted a new challenge it seemed very natural for Mike to take over the business. So in August of this year exactly 7 years to the month of his first cruise for his birthday he took over the business. Mike couldn’t be happier he loves meeting new people and providing an experience to remember on the Catamaran. 
As the business comes in the winter season it’s a beautiful time of year to take a cruise. I came from Competa to interview Mike and the temperature was at least 5 degrees warmer than on the coast then the mountains. It was a beautiful day with clear blue skies and a mild breeze, excellent conditions for sailing. In fact, Mike explained the winter provides often better conditions for sailing than the summer. Why not buy a sail and stay voucher for a loved one for that perfect Christmas present .Gift vouchers are available from just 60€ per person and valid for the next 12 months, inclusive of complimentary chilled cava, fresh fruit and nibbles on departure, beers, wines and soft drinks throughout the trip and a plentiful and varied gourmet buffet meal served at anchor.
Or if you have been on a cruise with Mike already as have 2575 people have this year! Why not book something different´ as new for this winter, sail and stay are going to the Cadiz Carnival. Reputedly the third largest carnival in the world (after Rio and Trinidad), this is an ideal way to combine some spectacular sailing with two or three nights of pure partying at this famous street party. Safely tucked up in the cities historic harbour, we will be right at the epicentre of all the colourful action, but without the headache of travelling in for an hour each way from the only available hotel rooms to take part in the festivities!  
More information can be found on their website for all their cruises and where you can book on line too. 

Optimist of London II - Luxury Catamaran Charters
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