Sometimes you don't need a big construction job doing, sometimes you just need a chimney building, or a wall constructing a pool cleaned or a garden maintained.  Sometimes you don't need to call a large company just somebody that you trust that can help with those every day or one off needs.  This is exactly what Jaime thought, so he has set up JMS Services. He is certainly not lacking in experience, credibility or knowledge.

Last month I met Jaime properly for the first time. I have known the family for years as Jaime's mum owns Sunset Properties. His whole family, including his grandparents have lived in Competa for over 17 years.  Jaime went to school and college in Spain, he speaks fluent Spanish and for the last 10 years he has had a varied work experience. He has worked for two of the major construction companies in Competa and also spent 18 months helping his step-dad build their own home which required lots of demolition and rebuilding. He spent 2 years working for a coastal company as a Maintenance Manager.  Now it's time to work for himself. Over the last 10 years he has built up both experience and contacts with reliable plumbers, electricians and builders and feels fully equipped to offer a full maintenance service for all you home and everyday needs.

Denise his mum already passes on work from her clients she has met through her company Sunset Properties and he has already become quite an asset to his non- Spanish speaking customers. Jamie can organise and sort a problem quickly, help arrange car ITVs, talk to car garages about work being done and help with translation and organisation of Insurance claims. 

It's not only Denise that can recommend him he has testimonials and references to prove his workmanship and credibility, please read some of them below. 

 “We had a problem at our villa with the drains and Jamie came to sort the job immediately. He was very quick and very efficient.  He solved the problem and sourced the necessary equipment required.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone”.
Mick Boothroyd
I first met Jamie nearly 5 years ago when he was working for a local builder. Over the past few years Jamie has carried out various construction projects for us and each time I am always amazed with his knowledge.  Each project had been well thought through and set up before construction. I have nothing but praise for Jamie and his work.  I would not hesitate to ask Jamie to do more work for me and I am delighted to fully recommend him and his work to others. You will not be disappointed. 
Peter Slater 

Jamie has recently set up a Face book page which shows some of the work he has done,. He looks forward to hearing from you!

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